Our Specialty

“Our firm specialty is single family residential remodeling. We have done new construction, but we prefer remodeling. We enjoy extending the life of something already there. We like to find new solutions within existing constraints; re-purposing, reinventing, and giving new life to a structure.

We are capable to design in any style and we have examples in most you can think of.We also specialize in R3.1 residential care facilities. These are someplace between a hospitaland a home, and are always, for us, remodeling projects of an existing home. We add fully ADA compliant bathrooms, occasionally with generators, bed lift systems or bathing facilities that can accommodate non-ambulatory residents, as some homes are designed for these populations, or sometimes the residents have other special needs that require special care or support, physical or behavioral.

These are places of group living with fully trained attentive care givers, staffed 24/7.
Our clients are normally state funded developers in this specialized area. We are experts in ramps and all other aspects of ADA design. Another remodeling emphasis we enjoy is tenant improvement work for new uses, new occupants of existing spaces. We have designed new law offices, accounting firm spaces, animal clinics,
physical therapy spaces, retail stores, dance company spaces and restaurants, among other tenant fit-up projects.”