Why Hire an Architect?

Detailed drawings serve as a legal contract between you and your contractor, leaving no room for misinterpretation or hidden costs.

No matter the size of the job, architectural drawings are designed to be a solid set of Contract Documents; intended to contain all the details, including dimensions and specifications to protect you from potential confusion or conflict with the Contractor.  We include legal language and distinguish clearly what the Contractor will be responsible for and what you, the Owner, will be responsible for in the contract.

A good set of drawings will not only get you through Plan Check, but will help you stay within your budget.  By intention, our drawings strive to have no holes:  The drawings are exact in their description of measurements, every finish and its orientation.  Especially since we provide the Interiors, there is nothing left for “allowances” or guesswork on the part of the contractor, and the contractor knows it.

With an architect’s drawings, the contractor must do the homework on the details of the job in order to bid competitively in this market where more than one bid is typically sought.  The contractor knows that his number must represent what he can actually afford to build your project.  Our pride in this part of the business is based on our sense of responsibility in helping you navigate through the unknowns in the process of your building project and protecting you with drawings including the details of the work to be done.