About Us

  • Design Approach

    As both an art and a science, architecture should evolve from the joint resolution of design and technology. Our practice is based upon the commitment to provide better ways of responding to these issues. It is our creative approach that leads to innovative designs with tested, durable strategies on all our projects

  • Value Added Service

    We maintain close communication with our clients because this relationship lies at the heart of a successful design process. We invite our clients to participate in a process of design that is suited to their own particular needs and preferences. We want to design not what we want, but what the Client wants, with our guidance. We are able to suggest many options based on our past experiences.

  • Why start with an Architect?

    No matter the size of the job, architectural drawings are designed to be a solid set of Contract Documents; intended to contain all the details, including dimensions and complete specifications to protect you from potential confusion or conflict with the Contractor. We include legal language and distinguish clearly what the Contractor will be responsible for and what you, the Owner, will be responsible for in the contract.

  • Sustainable or “Green” Design

    We are fully engaged in progressive construction standards by employing the many alternative materials and means of construction that are mandated in the “Build-it-Green” and the “Cal-Green” checklists for California. Title 24, another required element of our submittals, also assures you of having a more weather-tight home that will lower your energy bill. We work with consultants who specialize in these areas and they keep us up-to-date on new means and methods.

  • Background

    James Neubert is registered architect in the state of CA and has been practicing architecture for the last twenty-five years. He has been involved in community planning, professional assistance to non-profit organizations such as St. Ambrose Episcopal Church in Foster City, and has served on Design Review Boards. He also has assisted in building trade shows and has worked for Habitat for Humanity.

  • Our Specialty

    Our firm specialty is single family residential remodeling. We have done new construction, but we prefer remodeling. We enjoy extending the life of something already there. We like to find new solutions within existing constraints; re-purposing, reinventing, and giving new life to a structure. We are capable to design in any style and we have examples in most you can think of.